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12-Jul-2014 ~ 12-Jul-2014

Screening Room @ THE ARTS HOUSE
Singapore 179429

ReWind II: Life In Technicolour

Time came a-creeping, oh, and time’s a loaded gun
It goes on, time only can lead you on
Still, it’s such a beautiful night

So begins Coldplay’s song, Life in Technicolor. The sensation of life slipping through our fingers, a thousand fine grains at a time; the passage of time is both a beautiful and tragic thing. Every instant of time burns brightly, brilliantly, only to fade irreversibly into the past, nothing more than the burnt wick of a used candle.

This collection of short films made by students of the Raffles Film Society hopes to capture this bittersweet essence of life. The showcase features a wide selection of films of varying genres, each celebrating the ephemeral beauty of love and friendship. The seven short films, each ranging from 8 to 15 minutes long, are the culmination of two years’ worth of blood, sweat and tears. 

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Letters From Home
Director: Ang Zi Yun
Cast: Theresa Wee-Yenko, Alice Cheah
_ mins \ Drama \ In English and Chinese with English
subtitles \ TBC

It is perhaps the universal nightmare of all younger siblings to be compared to their older (read: more accomplished) counterparts; Mei is no exception. As hackneyed as the saying goes, absence does make the heart grow fonder. With her elder sister’s perpetual absenteeism from home, Ma’s increasing yearning begins to ail her- that is, until one day, Jie’s letters start piling in. All is well again... except, where does Mei stand in her mother’s heart now?

He is A Friend of Mine
Director: Xie Peiyi
Cast: Sun Yipeng, Reno Sam, Zhang Hengchao
15 mins \ Action \ Thriller \ In English and Chinese, with English
subtitles \ PG13

In the chaotic world of 2027; territory disputes between China and southeast Asian counties have led to a full-blown war. Set in the seemingly peaceful and unaffected Singapore, "He is a Friend of Mine" centers on a group of international undergraduates, who are trapped in their rooms when a group of mysterious men suddenly took hostage of their university.

Heart Disc
Director: Wu Jia Min
Cast: Natalie Ng, Jevarn Li, Jack Zheng
8 mins \ Romantic Comedy \ In English \ PG

Every boy has a girl of his dreams. But when two boys dream of the same girl, one has to give way. It seems Jack's love is doomed from the start. That is, until he accidentally discovers a way to mess with her brain- literally.

Love x Death
Directors: Claudia Chu, Tan Yan Ru, Wang Yan,
Cast: Clarissa Kok, Chin Kaile, Brian Ng
10 mins \ Thriller \ Romance \ In English \ TBC

One love. One life. When student Lily unexpectedly takes her own life, no one but her best friend Amanda believes that it was murder. Amanda sets out to investigate, determined to unravel her friend's life. Is he involved? In the first ever collaboration between Raffles Film Society and The Changing Point Productions, Love X Death seeks to explore the lengths we would go to defend our loved ones.

Directors: Brandon Ong and Xie Peiyi
Cast: Russel Wee, Vignes M Muthukumaran, Janice Lim, Xue Luxi
10 mins \ Action \ Romance \ In English \ TBC

Sebastian is an ordinary schoolboy who frequently dreams of himself as a Katana-touting hero. He chases the girl of his dreams, Sophia, whom he views as trapped atop a large spire. Unaware of the great obstacles that loom before him, Sebastian embarks on his great quest for love, slipping fluidly between reality and flights of fancy. 

Frozen In Time
Director: Wu Jia Min
Cast: Jonathan Wu, Bill Teoh
12 mins \ Drama \ In English and Chinese, with English Subtitles \ G

As his grandfather starts to lose his memories, Ah boy struggles to come to terms with what seems to be a collapsing relationship. Little by little, his grandfather slips away, until one day, he can’t recognize Ah Boy at all. Faced with his grandfather’s vacant, glassy eyes, Ah Boy begins to lose faith in the idea of everlasting love.

All the proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to The Business Times Budding Artists Fund
Please arrive at the Arts House 15 mins early

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Rating : TBC
Language of Performance : English, Mandarin
Subtitles : English, Mandarin
Date | Time : Jul 12 | 3pm, 5pm
Duration : 1 hr 15 mins / no interval
Venue : Screening Room
*There is a Post Q&A    
Ticket Price (Regular) : $9.00
Seating type : Free Seating
Dress Code : Smart-casual
Restrictions : No children under 6 years old
  : No audio & video recording
Conditions : Charges include GST where applicable.
    Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

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